About us

My journey with dobermans begun 2009 when I got my first one. Before dobies I had leonbergers. I’ve trained searching with them, but I wanted more driven breed to work with. I was struggling between malinois and doberman, but for some odd reason dobermans melted my heart. Then it just happened. There was young doberman searching home on dobermann-help desk. She was yearling female, Amalia. I was eager to train her and learn all about working dog sports. We started to do obediens, tracking, sleddog sport and protection. Everything was perfect! After year promising training, we noticed that something was wrong with her. She didn’t complain or wasn’t willing to work, but when we worked even little , she started to do some moves slowly and didn’t sit straight. We went on x-rays. Founding was spondylosis in her spine and it was really spreading type. That paralyzed me. I was so brokenhearted that now I can’t do stuff wit her and I kept her on cotton next six months. I consulted many breeders and people in doberman community, gathering knowledge about spondylosis and how to cope with it. We started to build her core and muscles with canicross and balancing exercises, took obedience back on schedule and started to do FH. All this time she was just amazing. She didn’t let her disease matter. Her spirit and working abilities was just pure iron, never giving up. Still it was heart breaking every time her spine made a new spike. Every time I wanted to take her to vet to eutanasia. I couldn’t, cause every time spike turn to bridge, she was fine and eager to work. When she was turning 7, I found some odd small pump on her groin. We consulted veterinarian about it and she told us to wait few days if it goes away by itself. It didn’t. It grew rapidly in two days so we went to show it for vet. It turned out to be a cancer. We tried surgery but cancer was spreaded too far and came back. She was just turned 7 when I needed to let her go.

2013 Amok came to me. It might sound cliche, but she chose me. I wasn’t planning to have a puppy on that year, but there was something in that pup. I told her breeder that I want her. If I can’t have her, I won’t take anyone. After few weeks she called me and told the puppy is mine! We started to train her to be a best sleddog that doberman possibly can. In that area achievements is unbelievables. I have learned so much of dobermans physics along the way with her. How to build, how to balance, what need to be taken notice with deep chested breed, how they moves and why there’s obstacles in the movements.

2016 I imported promising working male from Sweden. Plans with him is to do what dobermans are bred for. Along the side sleddogsport yes, but mainly protection.

With Amalia that spark for breeding was born. This is working breed and that has given me high standards how to breed. She taught me how to be patient, how to live fullest and how to understand and cherish the most beautiful breed; Doberman.

Puppy from us?

For us it’s important to get loving homes for every puppy. Home that also understand needs of an active breed.

All puppies will be:

worm medicated several times

Checked and examined by vet

Genetic diversity tested