Plans plans and plans

We have planning litter for Amok and ”Storm” (Dobfancier’s Xtaz) for next autumn. Now it seems that we have to make it earlier cause Amok’s spring heat hasn’t come, so we cannot calculate how much further those autumn heat will go if we wait. She’s already two months late for her heat so now we have to take change soon as it comes.

There’s several things that’ll effect. First, I planned to do ZTP test for Amok on this summer. This is third time I have sent her papers to do that test. We had to cancel previous times because Amok injured just before both tests. So lucky number three is going on. Very frustrating. And why I absolutely want to do the test this year is because this is the last year DV will allow test for dogs who’s parents haven’t done ZTP! But if Amok start her heat before test that blows it for us. Then there’s also our selection of male. He’s 10 years old. He’s tip top condition and still going strong like working doberman should. But as we all know, time can happen. So we cannot waste time too much. Only positive side in this earlier mating is that we are able to compete next winter on skijoring and validate Amok to sleddog champion. She needs one sertification for competition with distance minimum 10 km. Still.. But! It’s not an end of world and I can live without the ZTP-test. I know I’ve done my best do value healthy dogs with great working abilities on my breeding and going to keep that line.


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